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How long can we survive without the basics? "rule of threes" is what our bodies need:

3 Minutes Without Oxygen
Human can survive about 3 Minutes without Oxygen
3 Days Without Water
Human can survive about 3 days without water
3 Weeks Without Food
Healthy Humans can go up to eight weeks without food as long as they have water
The Average Human can survive up to 3 weeks without food.

Hippocrates Food


The human body is composed of tiny units called cells. Cells are the building blocks of the body and the actual units of life.

Medical science understands that health and disease occurs at a cellular level: when your cells are healthy you are healthy, and if they are sick you get sick

How well your cells function and the quality and integrity of the new cells your body creates depend on the nutrients they are provided with on a daily basis.

You are indeed what you eat. Cellular nutrition is simply the strategy to provide the cells with all the nutrients they need at optimal levels – those levels shown to provide health benefits by medical research.

The cells can then decide what to use to function best. It puts the wisdom of the body to work by supplying what it needs. With this approach, any nutritional imbalances will be soon corrected and you will feel the difference


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